Carbon’s target audience is the younger part of Millennial and the oldest part of Generation Z. They are in their 20s – educated, outspoken, and involved. They highly value sustainable living and a mindful way of life. They believe in self-research and making their own decision with it comes to their consumer lifestyle, free from superficial marketing tactics.

In addition, with the rise of gender neutral branding,Carbon aims to be a skincare brand for everyone regardless of gender.The brand aims to be “cool” and “authentic”, appealing to the features their target audience possess: unconventional, relaxed, and honest.
Carbon Beauty
Art Direction
Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Social Creation
Print Design
The brand name Carbon Beauty is a reference to carbon footprint. Carbon is an innovative lifestyle brand founded in San Francisco, CA.

This company specializes in plastic-free beauty products with full transparency about the sourcing of ingredients and product testing. Consumers should know what they’re putting on their body
Carbon is a personal project I worked on during the summer of 2022. I wanted to construct a brand from the ground up.

I worked on all aspects – from the conception of Carbon to the design execution, copywriting, and overall creative direction.