By using satirical rhetoric to juxtapose the pastel brand colors, the expectations of the company’s message will be inverted to expose the flaws behind the current self-help culture.The Help Desk will allow the audience to experience the artificial reality social media has curated around our perception of confidence and its true cost.
Selphe Agency
Senior Thesis
Jan 2022 – May 2022
Art Direction
Brand Identity
Print Design
Social Creation
I created an imaginative company created with the philosophy of helping others achieve the best version of themselves through obsessive improvement and toxic productivity.

With the influx of tips and tricks on how to be better and do better, we have inadvertently created a culture that promotes unrealistic criteria on how to live a fulfilling life.

I created a brand guideline with supporting posters, a business card, a brochure to explain Selphe Agency's mission and purpose.

For the physical installation, I created a help desk, displayed the marketing materials, and framed the posters.