With my position as their only designer, I had a lot of creative freedom when it came to the design direction. Consequently, I was responsible for communicating design in a way that appealed to StudioPod's audience.I became more structured and thoughtful with my designs as a result of the variety of projects. In order to maintain industry-level cohesion among my works, I needed to maintain the brand guidelines I created.
Jun 2021 – Jun 2022
Brand Identity
Web Design
Art Direction
Social Creation
Icon Design
The rebrand has transformed StudioPod from an emerging company searching for its identity into a well-established one. The new bold design and eye-catching color palette encourages StudioPod to pursue a more organic direction.
StudioPod gave me the opportunity to rebrand the company to create a more modern and approachable tone during my internship. Among the works I created were brand guidelines, web design, and social media assets.